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Inslee Best has a highly respected litigation practice.  The litigation group helps clients of all sizes resolve their disputes. We have represented clients across a broad range of disputes, in trials and appeals, in federal and state courts throughout the Pacific Northwest, and in administrative proceedings before local, state and federal government agencies.

Our lawyers have litigated virtually every type of argument, for litigants that include individuals, large and small businesses, municipal entities, trusts and estates.  Our zealous representation of our clients includes not only formal lawsuits; we also handle administrative hearings, arbitrations, mediations and other types of alternative dispute resolution. 

Our lawyers work closely with our clients to help each one select the most suitable dispute resolution method for a particular controversy.  We always consider and pursue any reasonable effort to resolve issues initially through negotiation.  If that approach is not feasible, we often use mediation, making use of a neutral mediator to help parties reach a voluntary settlement.  Where private negotiation or mediation is unsuccessful, or impractical, we handle arbitrations (a semi-formal adversary proceeding, conducted by one or more arbitrators, where the decision is binding), and litigation, where our experienced attorneys are prepared to represent our clients' interests with energy and skill.  Whatever the nature of the matter, our objective is the same; to be an ardent advocate and to achieve the best possible results for our clients as quickly and cost-effectively as we can.


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