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Starting on June 7, 2018, water and sewer districts will have to pay an additional $65 to record liens for delinquent utility payments. This will also apply to the recording of lien satisfactions... continue reading »

In the flurry of winning an election, taking the oath of office may seem like a back burner issue. But ensuring that the oath is administered correctly is essential for starting a term of office on the right foot. Recall that one misplaced word led to President Obama taking his first oath twice out of an abundance of caution... continue reading »

This Legislative Session Report summarizes new laws that apply to water-sewer districts (Sections I - IV below), and some new laws that apply to other local governments whose actions impact water-sewer districts, such as counties and cities, or who provide related or complimentary services, such as fire districts and public utility districts (Sections V - VIII below)... continue reading »

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